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I’d like to give a huge shout out to Feedspot for ranking me #64 in the top 100 LGBT Blogs & Websites. Thank you everyone for all your tremendous support. I love you all. Enjoy! – Glend M. 


Do me a favor… never change. Everything about you is so unique. I’ve never met a single person like you. When you walk into a room, there’s a pause and it’s like everyone knows that you’re there. You’re my biggest motivation. How do you do it? How do you have so much charisma? How do you smile through everything? You make me so brave. You’re going to get through this, I know you are. You’re too strong to be lost. I know you too well. I know you will make it out alive. I love you Glend. I have always loved you. You are the one… my only one….”  – X (December 2015) 


It’s Monday and I walk the halls of my school with a mission. I’m analyzing everyone and everything. I need to find the right person, the perfect person to spread this secret. You see Brit, you don’t get to steal my happiness without paying a price. X may be too stupid to see what you’re doing but I’m not. I pass by people but I haven’t found the right person yet. Lunch is overbearing but I’m too busy to eat. I overhear everyone talking about what happened on Friday. You see, on Friday Brit was exposed on social media. We can clearly see she’s getting fucked by someone who isn’t X. We all saw it yet her and X are eating lunch together ignoring the world. I sit a few tables behind them and I’m completely filled with anger and jealousy. I feel it, the urge to destroy their little ridiculous fairy tail. How could that bitch take my man?  I mean, is he really my man? I don’t even know at this point. I’m still searching for the perfect person. “Is someone sitting here?” I hear. I look up and I think I just found my perfect person. “No, no one is sitting there, take a seat if you want Vivian.” Wow, look how to universe works. I didn’t go looking, she found me. Vivian and I met each other freshman year of high school but never really talked. She’s notorious for always having two boyfriends so she’s the right type of messy. “How are you?” I ask. “I’m fine, did you have fun at frank’s? I don’t really remember it, it’s kind of a blur.” she says. Yeah, it’s basically a blur because you get too trashed to remember. “I didn’t drink at all to be honest, so it was kind of boring. I had a lot on my mind.” I say. Vivian is hated by most of the school, pretty similar to me. She has this nasty attitude to her and her tough accent doesn’t help. Most people ridicule her but are still up her ass. Recently, she started dating two best friends at the same time. Needless to say, it didn’t end well. “I heard something but I don’t know if it’s true, haha it’s kind of silly. It even sounds ridiculous to say it out loud, haha.” I say. Let’s see if she takes the bait. “How ridiculous? What happened? I’ll tell you if it really happened or not.” she says. Bingo. “I heard Brit is cheating on her boyfriend with Kevin and that she might be pregnant. It’s so stupid haha it could never be true.” I say. “What?! That’s impossible, I’m fucking Kevin right now.” she says as she opens her eyes. Sis, Kevin too? The whole school knows you have two boyfriends. “Then it has to be a lie haha, see it’s ridiculous. I heard it from someone and you just confirmed that it can’t possibly be true. Just please don’t say you heard it from me, I don’t want any problems with anyone. Actually, don’t tell anyone. Is that ok? ” I ask. “Yeah, it’s not true at all. And honestly, I would never bring it up to anyone. I have way too much pride. I don’t get caught up in silly drama. I actually have to go, I’m running late to class.” she says and she scatters off. “Alright bye!” I say as I wave. Now, let’s just wait. Vivian is a lot of things but everyone knows she can’t keep a secret. She can barely contain her dirty laundry in her closest. Everyone knows everything about her, she is as transparent as it gets. I know I told the right person. The bell rings for class and I get up and try to rush to class. Since it’s Monday, today’s periods are 1-6. 5th period goes way too fast and before I know it, I’m already in 6th period. When I take my seat, I overhear all the gossip. “Everyone thinks the guy she was fucking was actually Kevin.” “No! You’re lying!!” “I swear, I heard that she’s actually pregnant by him too!” “But isn’t he fucking with Vivian?!” “Yeah, he is and her boyfriends just found out.” Wow, really vivian. You couldn’t wait one whole day? Thank you for making this much easier. I continue to hear my classmates gossiping. “Who’s your source? How does everyone know?!” “I honestly don’t know, but it makes sense and to be honest I’ve seen Kevin and Brit hang out alone in the soccer room together so I can totally see it.” I’m so happy. The whole school knows, there’s no way she can get away with this. Brit, you messed with my future, I had to do this. You understand don’t you? 20 minutes into class I ask to go to the restroom. As I walk to the restroom, I see Brit crying and running to the staircase. What a pathetic weak bitch, have some backbone. I walk over to her and just see her crying and all her makeup is on her hollister jacket. “Hey Brit are you okay?” I ask. “Oh Glend, no I’m not. I feel like my whole life is a mess. I don’t know what to do. I just need someone to talk to.” Ew, this bitch is disgusting, she’s too pretty to look this ugly when she cries. “What happened Brit? You know you can always tell me anything, I would never tell anyone.” I say. “Ok well, everyone knows I’m cheating with Kevin and I’m pregnant but it was an accident. I swear I didn’t mean to do it. Please help me, I don’t know what to do. I’m completely alone and I don’t have a friend who understands.” She says as she looks up at me. “Brit, relax. I’ll be your friend. Tell me everything that’s going on and I’ll try to find a solution.” I say as I kneel down. She spent the next 10 minutes explaining all her problems. From cheating with Kevin to convincing X the baby is his…. Everything. “Wow, that felt great. I feel so much better. Thank you Glend, I have to get to class but this talk really helped. You really are an amazing friend. Let’s hang out this weekend okay?” she says. “Yeah, let’s do it, we can go to the mall!” I say. “Sounds like a plan.” she says as she walks away. I stay and just stand in complete silence. I can’t believe that just happened. I look at my phone and press the stop recording button. Part 1? Check. Now let’s move on to part 2, I told you Brit, no one fucks with my future…..


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Just a gay boy expressing his chronicles....

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