A lie is a lie is a lie:



Think Glend, what would X do? “You saw me leave his house?” I ask. Fuck, I have no idea what the fuck to say. “Yeah, I was parked in the corner after I left his house. I’m so confused, why would he tell me he was sick if you were there? Tell me Glend. What’s going on?!” she asked. Fuck, she’s stupid but she’s just scared. What should I do? “Um…You know Brit, I’ve been helping him with virtual school. He told you he was sick because he’s just embarrassed. He doesn’t want to admit he needs help. He really cares about your opinion of him. Your opinion is the only opinion that matters to him, he just wants to be the best he can be for you.” I say. Wow, that felt like taking a bullet. Let’s see how stupid she really is. “Really?” she asks as tears stream down her face. “Really, why would I lie to you?” I say. Let you give you guys some word of advice. When someone asks you why they would lie to you, they’re lying to you. “Oh my god, that made me feel so much better. I don’t even know what I was thinking.” She says as she wipes the snot from her nose and looks at me. “Glend, I know we’re not that close but this meant so much to me. It made me so happy. My little baby is just scared to tell me he’s trying. And Glend! Thank you for taking care of him. He needs a little guidance and I’m so grateful he has you in his life.” she says. “No, I’m grateful he has you.” I say. I see her feathering her tears and I just can’t wait to get the fuck out of this car. This bitch is as crazy as she is stupid. Crazy for stalking her man and stupid for not knowing what he’s actually doing. “Hey Brit? we have to get to class haha. Can we go please?” I say. This car ride was horrible, I just want to get to class to completely forget this even happened. X? You see what you do to me. Thank god, I’m completely through with you. I will never again have to worry about being in such a stupid position. “Yeah let’s go.” she says as she gets out the car. I get out and tell her “Hey Brit, just go ahead, I’m going to take the long way. I have somethings to think about.” “Alrighty! Glend, class already started so we’re already late.” she says. I watch as Brit leaves to class. I decided to stay back just to think of everything. Am I a good guy for lying for X? Am I a bad guy for lying to Brit? It’s a battle that I have to overcome. I hate that I can’t speak to anyone about this. Who hears my side? Who comes to my aid? Who is stressing how I feel? I begin to tear up just thinking that I’m the only person who goes through what I go through. I’ve never met someone who experiences what I feel. Who’s been hurt the way I’ve been hurt. At school, sometimes I feel like I’m just mindlessly walking through the halls. I try my hardest to be there for people but no one has noticed that I’m in complete darkness. Who reaches their hand out for me? The tears begin to stream down. It’s an emotional meltdown that I’ve been holding in for too long. I start hyperventilating. I try to calm myself down but I can’t do it. Out of nowhere I hear, “hey Glend, are you okay?”. I turn around and I’m totally caught off guard. It’s Kevin. “Yeah Kevin, I’m fine thank you. I’m just going through a lot.” I say as I start wiping tears. God, Now I feel like Brit. I’ve never really talked to Kevin. We’ve been in the same social circles  but never really interacted with each other. “Why don’t sit down and we talk about it? You seem really distraught. Just sit down and relax.” he says. “You want me to sit on the parking lot?” I say. “Haha, yeah. Whenever I’m stressed, I sit. Ask anyone who knows me. Sit.” He says as he sits down and cross his legs. “Sure.” I say. I sit down and him and I start talking. I tell him the gist of what’s happening. No names but a general understanding. “So.. this is guy is gay? and he won’t come out for you? That’s crazy. Do I know him?” he asks. “No, you don’t. Only I know him. Sometimes, I feel like he doesn’t exist. Maybe I’m just making him up in my head.” I say chuckling. “That would be pretty funny haha, well, Glend I wouldn’t really know what to say. I’m not gay so I don’t know what he’s feeling but I know us guys are very hard headed but we mean well. A guy will change for the right girl….in this case I guess guy? haha.” we both start laughing. “Yeah, you’re probably right. Thanks Kevin, to be honest this talk helped me out so much. I’ve been so stressed lately and this might have been the first time I laughed in a while.” I say. Wow, I’m so calm and relaxed. It feels nice venting to someone even if it’s for a little while. I can’t tell him the whole thing but at least I got to tell something to someone. “Yeah, I’m kinda going through my own stuff.” he says. “Well, let’s not make this all about me. What’s wrong with you?” I ask. “Sooo, I’m talking to this girl and I grew a lot of feelings for her but she doesn’t see me as a relationship type of guy.” he says. Brit, is it because you have a boyfriend? You sneaky fox. “Yeah, I get you. Well, you’ll change her mind one day. Don’t worry.” I say. “Oh I am, trust me. She’s stuck with me for her whole life.” he says. Brit? You have him this hypnotized? I didn’t think you had it in you. You devilish dog. “Really? Haha why?” I ask. “Because she’s having my baby, Glend I’m gonna be a father!” Suddenly, the feeling of relief is gone. I see him talking but I hear no words. The world went completely silent. Oh Brit, you stupid bitch.

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Just a gay boy expressing his chronicles....

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